CST-SA proudly announces the awarding of a CST-SA Research and Development Prize which aims to promote the development of Cereal Science and Technology in South Africa.  This award is to be made subject to availability of funds.

A Prize to the value of R30 000 and Plaque shall be awarded every 3 years, depending on the availability of a worthy nominee, to a South African citizen or South African Permanent Resident who has achieved sustained excellence in cereal science and technology research and development, including human resource development, in South Africa over the previous 5 years. It should be noted that awardees may be from any sector of the cereals community.

As a condition of the Prize, the awardee will be required to present a 30 minute oral talk about his/her cereal science and technology research and development work to a meeting of CST-SA. After the talk he/she will receive the Prize and Plaque.

A two page nomination detailing the applicant’s curriculum vitae and achievement of excellence in cereal science and technology research and development should be submitted to the CST-SA Awards Committee by the specified closing date. The nomination submitted should be signed by both the nominator and the nominee. The two page nomination should be submitted as a pdf file using the nominee’s surname and initials as the filename. For example, for a nominee known as Jack Errol Smith, the name of the file should be “Smith JE.pdf”.

Serving members of the CST-SA Awards Committee are not eligible for nomination for the CST-SA Research and Development Prize.

General Information

In any particular year in which awards are to be given, calls for nominations will be made at least a month in advance of the closing date.The successful nominee will be informed in writing on or before the specified feedback date. Unsuccessful nominees will not be informed. The awardee will then be requested to provide further information in order to facilitate the receipt of their awards. Nominations should be sent electronically to the Chair of the CST-SA Awards Committee. More specific details will be given in the call for applications.

The decision on the awardee for the Research and Development Prize is the sole prerogative of the Committee and may not be overruled. The decision is final and no correspondence can be entered into.