New Voices Symposium | 11 May 2017

Fifteen participants presented papers on 11 May 2017 at The Willows Country Lodge, Pretoria. John Taylor Trophies were awarded to category winners.
new voices symposium 11 May 2017

Masters Level

Asheeqah CassiemFirst. Asheeqah Cassiem (Stellenbosch University)

The effect of phenolic compounds on the growth of mycotoxigenic Fusarium spp. associated with maize kernels

A. Cassiem, A. Viljoen and L.J. Rose

Second. Neo Mathinya (University of the Free State)

Salinity effects on grain yield and quality of malt barley grown on irrigated shallow groundwater table soils

V.N. Mathinya, J.H. Barnard and L.D. van Rensburg

PhD Level

Dolapo OladiranFirst. Dolapo Oladiran (University of Pretoria)

(With Prof John Taylor (University of Pretoria) to her left and Barend Wentzel (Chair: CST-SA) to her right.)

Effect of extrusion cooking and wheat bran substitution on the rheological property and oral processing characteristics of cassava-defatted toasted soy porridge

D. Oladiran, H. de Kock and M.N. Emmambux

Second. Martin Adarkwah-Tiadom (University of Pretoria)

Effect of extrusion cooking and simulated in vitro gastrointestinal digestion on condensed tannins and radical scavenging activity of type II and type III whole grain sorghum

M. Adarkwah-Yiadom and K.G Duodu

Certificates were issued to all the participants
Certificates were issued to all the participants