The report on the American Association of Cereal Chemists International meeting was provided by Maryke Labuschagne. It is a non-profit professional organization of members who are specialists in the use of cereal grains in foods. All the technical committees and divisions met. The plenary lecture was by Nina Federof on the challenges for food production and the potential of modern plant breeding methods to contribute to the alleviation thereof.

Technical sessions:

  • Analytical measures for cereal chemistry
  •  Extrusion for sustainable quality and nutrition
  • Functionality of novel grains, pulse and components
  • Practical applications for classic dough systems
  • Quality and functionality in various end-use, applicable solutions
  • Economic testing and processing for the grain industry
  • The future of food safety
  • Spectrometric analysis of grain components


  • Cereals and pulse-based foods in Asia
  • Sprouted grains: what is in it for consumers?
  • Mapping the physical and functional attributes of starches
  • Dietary fibre in the food industry: a role for Psyllium?
  • Novel proteomics approaches in cereal grain research
  • Protein trends and technologies: health, regulatory and formulation challenges
  • The statistics of sampling, analytical methods development and experimentation
  • Wheat quality – what it is and how have we been measuring it
  • Innovative plant proteins and plant derivatives
  • Recent advances on structure-function relations of rice and rice based food
  • Powder rheology

Hot topics

  • GM food labelling: inside the controversy
  • Mitigating flour food-safety risks
  • Are national dietary guidelines effective in promoting whole grain consumption?

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