Sorghum in the 21st Century

The International Sorghum Symposium is to be held 9-12 April 2018 in Cape Town at the Century City Conference Centre. UP is a co-host. The President of the African Development Bank will also attend. GFADA will bring a delegation of new sorghum farmers to the conference.

The 5 themes for the Scientific and Technical Programme will be as follows:

  • Accelerating progress in advanced breeding for improved crop adaptation to climate risks.
  • Improving productivity and increasing profitability to expand opportunities across global markets.
  • Enhancing resilience in the face of biotic and abiotic challenges.
  • Tackling key issues in food security and farming systems for improved livelihoods for the smallholder farmer.
  • Exploring the future of the value-add: Nutrition, biofuels and feedstuffs for evolving consumer demands.

These five themes will be explored through cutting-edge, topical sessions, plus: 

  • Cross disciplinary plenary sessions highlighting the opportunities and future of sorghum]
  • Expert Symposia - To further examine the most pressing issues in the sorghum industry today (included in the registration fee)
  • A major Research and Industry Exhibition
  • Regular opportunity for discussion and networking among the widest gathering of sorghum scientists in over 30 years

The International Organising Committee includes members from: SMIL (USA), Sorghum Checkoff Program (USA), University of Pretoria (South Africa), Indian Institute of Millets Research (India), University of Queensland (Australia), CIRAD (France), Embrapa (Brazil), EIAR (Ethiopia), ZARI (Zambia), CERAAS/ISRA (Senegal), Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences (China)

The International Sorghum Symposium is a great opportunity for identifying new CST-SA members.

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